Besides just being 3 capital letters, and jokingly meaning “Self Taught Zeachers” STZ is outdoor lifestyle meets Wake / Skate / Surf / Snow and everything¬†in between. We like to think of ourselves as professional outsiders – exploring with friends and happy shredding. STZlife is all about having fun with the homies while enjoying the sport you love and using the great outdoors to its full potential.


It all started back in 08 making awesomely crappy shirts… Somehow our friends supported the idea so with that encouragement we decided to get real and do it the right way.

STZ has been a way for us to stay involved with the sports we love. The past few years have been amazing. We’ve got to travel, be part of awesome events, party with the best and met tons of new people while establishing ourselves in the board sports industry. We look forward to growth and spreading the shred further.

Happy Shredding,
The STZcrew